Online Business Systems Scam How To Avoid Them

On every corner of the internet your read horror stories about people becoming victims to all types of Online Business Scams. I decided to stop looking on the internet and go straight to the horse’s mouth to get reliable information from people who are already making money online. I asked them Can you recommend legitimate online programs, from the ones you used when you first started out to the ones you use today”.

The first online business I got into was an affiliate program and I advertised it like crazy, this affiliate program was Success University I make allot of profit with this program”. An affiliate program for those who don’t know is simply selling big companies product or services for a commission. This is great for individuals now starting out online because what you do is simply sell, you’re not responsible for deliveries, collecting payments, stocking and all those business related duties. I then started selling website hosting for Host4Profit and continually make money every month. Then concentrated on list building. Now I have my own product and now get affiliates to sell for me.

I first started out designing websites. This provided me steady income but not enough to support my family on a full time basis, After that I got into auctioning on eBay but I still was not making enough. I combined these two strategies and then joined an affiliate program at Get Response; this company offers auto responder services that pays a monthly commission on every sale. I am now making a nice monthly residual income with these programs. Right now I am bringing in another affiliate called Empowerism.

Well, it took a little time for me to turnaround my first real profit, not to mention a good amount of work. I got into nearly everything that an Online Businessman can imagine…well nearly everything. The very first thing I did was to write an e-book. To this day I’m still a big fan of selling information products, I also promoted Action figures through ebay and said to myself: nice this is a great way to make lots of money, what next can I do? I then got into an affiliate marketing program called SFI Marketing which has paid great also.

It’s hard to recommend any one program because in my personal experience, I found that my success or failure have nothing to do with if the method really worked, but whether or not I belonged in what I was selling. Some people will never be good in certain areas so don’t feel afraid to move about and try different programs until you find something that works for you. Always remember to be a success at anything takes time, money and effort so work hard, be patient and you will see results. There are many scam artists around so be careful how you spend your money, the best thing I can recommend is to find Free Joint Partners to team up with.

These were some of the answers I recieved, hopes this information helps you make lots of money online, if you would like to know more on this topic check out the attached link.